Awesome Day. Part 1.
Today was a GREAT day. Just one of those, overall, everything is perfect, kinda days.

Lyla and I started our day with SHOPPING! What better way to start a day, right? Well, we were really taking advantage of the 'tax free' week in Maryland, and shopping for Summer clothes for her (in 3T) for next year.

Shopping + Saving money = Awesome.

During our lunch break, we got a call from Eric.

He was calling to tell us he was offered a Crew Leader position with BGE! Whoo hoo!!

For those of you who don't know- (back track a couple months) Eric tested for the position, did the interview and has patiently been for an offer (or decline).

Eric + Crew Leader = Awesome.

And just another 'shout out' about my fabulous husband (yes, he is going to kill me for this post...but I am just so proud)...

Two weeks ago he was named the Safety Star at BGE. He went out of his way to turn a dangerous situation around (basically he saw something unsafe when he wasn't working- and fixed it (or something like that... )! Having done so- we got to go the Constellation Skybox at Camden Yards for an O's game. Pretty Cool.

Safety Star + O's game = Awesome.

To end our wonderful day, we headed to the Ravens pre-season game!! It was extra cool because it was Lyla's first Ravens game. She LOVED it! She was amazed. Loved being on the field. Loved the Skybox. Loved cheering for the Ravens. Loved spending time with Laura and Melissa.

Thanks Uncle Scott!

Lyla's first game + Ravens = Awesome.

(Ravens pics. to come, in Part 2 post of our awesome day.)

We are so proud of you for working hard. You are dedicated to your work. You do not like waking up everyone morning to GO to work, but you never complain.
Thank you so much for supporting us. I am SO  LUCKY I get to stay home with Lyla. I am VERY GRATEFUL. We love you.
Jamie & Lyla

(on Erics behalf, I took these pics. a few months ago- he had no idea I would use them for a post)
Eric taking care of his work clothes:

Love you Daddy!

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