Free Willy. 
Eric has been working hard. Very hard. His work days are between 16 and 18 hrs. We have received many calls, texts and e-mails with others appreciation. Thanks for the kind words!

What's that have to do with Free Willy? Well, nothing really.

While Eric has been restoring power... Lyla and I have been enjoying the end of summer (and missing Eric, a whole, whole lot).

On Sunday (yucky Hurricane Irene Day), I decided it would be a perfect movie day! A good day to stay in our jammies, eat yummy snacks and watch movies.

Lyla can sit through movies. She get's 'into' them. Mainly animated movies, but put her in front of Home Alone- and her eyes are glued to the t.v. (and that was last Christmas)!

On Sunday I chose, Free Willy. She loved it.
She did. She REALLY did.

She fell in love with Willy, just like I did. She fell in love with Jessie, just like I did.

And then IT started. Her lips started to quiver, just like mine did.

Lyla: OH NO MOMMY! Where is Willy going? Why does Willy have to leave Jessie?

Me: It's ok Lyla, Willy is going to be with his family now. He needs his family, just like Jessie needed a family.

Lyla: BUT MOM! Willy loves Jessie, they need each other!

Lyla: Are you SERIOUSLY taking a picture of me having a meltdown? This better not be on the blog Mom.

Lyla: Oh NO, there he goes! 

(in her real voice)... Where Willy go?? Where Willy go??
Hysterical, just like I was.

She get's that from me.
Tear Jerkers- they don't just make me shed a tear, I get Hysterical. Apparently Lyla does too.

I think we will stick with these fish for now:

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Anonymous said...

Okay - this I HAVE to comment on! How many times did we have to muffle or take Jamie out of the movies! Little Women - OMG - we all sobbed but Jamie the worst! Forest Gump and Simon Burch~! Oh my. Melissa and I both commented the other day while leaving The Help that Jamie has finally found a way to cry quietly! Jamie - Lyla is definitely her mother's daughter! Love you, Marmee