I caught Lyla's expression when she noticed the bulbs she 'planted' in the Spring were beginning to bloom. I love the look on her face. Good thing my camera is always near by.


BIG girl bed.
This week was a BIG week at our house.
We spent time picking out a new, full size mattress, perfect sheets, comfy blankets and new pillows.

This week I remembered how small Lyla looked in her crib when she was a newborn. She was so tiny. She did not stay in the bassinet that was in our room very long. One night Eric just laid her down in her crib. At the time I thought it was funny, that he laid her vertically, as opposed to horizontally (which is what I would have done). It didn't matter though. He had swaddled her up nice and tight, and she fell sound asleep.

It wasn't long before she had to sleep horizontally.

Just 6 months ago she started sleeping in her toddler bed. She looked like such a big girl. She looked big, in her tiny bed, which once was her large crib.

Lyla slept in her  BIG girl bed last night, for the very first time.

She looked so small again.

We followed our typical night time routine. When we said our prayers I asked God to keep Lyla safe and sound in her bed (Lyla prayed for her Gymnastics teacher, Ms. Ashley).

A part of me wanted to ask her if she needed me to lay with her for a few minutes.
I didn't offer.
I didn't want her to think I doubted how brave she can be.
She didn't need me. We gave kisses. She was asleep at 8:40pm.

We checked on her at 9pm.
Again at 10. (noticed she was horizontal!)
At 11pm, I crawled into bed with her. She didn't need me, but I needed her.
I watched her sleep, for just a few minutes.
My big girl seemed so little again.

She woke up very proud of herself. We were proud of her too. xo


She's growing up.
We started our day off with a trip to the Dentist.

Lyla did a SUPER job! She played in the waiting area (for 40 minutes... thank goodness for the fun toys).
Then she waited patiently in the examination room (for another 10) . She played with the dinosaur and fish- with teeth. I think they are kinda creepy. It's just weird seeing a soft stuffed animal with TEETH. She thinks they are cool.

When Dr. Shih came in... she said Hi, laid back in the chair, and opened wide!
She showed little anxiety and there were no tears. She did awesome!

I am so proud of her! When she was finished she told her dentist she likes to floss- so Dr. Shih put extra floss in her 'goody bag.' She also got to pick out a prize from the treasure box (she chose a lizard that she later named Usher).

To check out her first dental visit, click here. It was a slightly different experience.

Later in the day she started her second year of Ballet/Dance class. Her SECOND year!  Crazy.

When Lyla saw her dance teacher, she squealed, "Ms. Nicolle!"
She went running to her and gave her a big hug! It was so sweet. She is a wonderful teacher.

Even though it's a little blurry...I love this picture. So Lyla.

Showing off her new dance/gymnastics bag!

Click here to see the post from her first dance class.


Gymnastics, here we come!

We started gymnastics today... yes, we. It's a Mommy and Me class. Basically, I am there to 'spot' her.

It was awesome. We will start each class with a 'warm up.' Then move to the equipment. Yes- they actually use the 'real' gymnastics equipment. I thought they would roll around on the floor or something- who knew?

Kids these days. Then again, when I signed her up for dance class last year, I had no idea she would be taking it on her own, and a year later would be found skipping around the house  & announcing to me when she does her  plie and arabesque!

Lyla is thrilled about her new class! She did not want to leave. She said, "more Mommy, pa-leeeese!"

I'm so happy for her. There is just one little thing I'm upset about...

Apparently, I am not allowed to bring my camera into class!! WHAT?!! ARE you SERIOUS? I actually have to have my hands free at all times in case my child comes flying off the trampoline?!!

So, for now you can see the little gymnast before we left for class.

No, the sun is not in her eyes. This is her saying, cheese.

Check out the back of my leotard!

Me: Lyla, show Mommy what you think you are going to do in gymnastics class.

Lyla: Strong. Daddy.

Me: Oh, you have to be strong in gymnastics class?

Lyla: Oh yeah, Lyla strong. Daddy. Buzz. Strong. (as in Buzz Lightyear from Toystory).

Wish us luck!


Watch your shins.
If you happen to be Grocery Shopping at Giant!

People do tend to quickly move out of our way when she is around.

 Employees give her free cookies.


She also gets to sample lunch meat and cheese at the deli. She referred to her number today as, NO one, One. Meaning, she knows that 5 is not 1 (NO one) however,  she does recognize the number 1 (one). Makes sense. No one, one.
She's funny.

I like to buy fresh flowers. She likes to pick them.

Grocery Shopping (for nearly two hours) has never been so fun!


A Field Trip (down Memory Lane).
Eric asked us to come visit him 'at work' today. He was working on Cavan Drive, in Towson.

For those of you who don't know... that's where Marti lived when she married my dad. So... I spent some time  growing up there. My fondest memories  include: spaghetti dinners, watching movies by the fire, my little red bed, playing Lego's and Monopoly with Jeff, playing the piano, the lovely neighbors, sharing a trundle bed with Jaselle, my fish tank, Mike Matee, Steves girlfriends, Nintendo, Aunt Ellen (and her long, pretty hair), Marti attempting to pack my school lunch, watching golf with my dad.... wow, and many, many more. Funny how just looking at an old house brings back SO many memories.

On to the Field Trip.
I told Lyla this morning we were going to see Daddy at work.
She said, "potty, dressed, teeth, eat, Mommys car."
Translation: Let's hurry up and get ready Mom! I'm super excited!

I have seen Eric on different sites before, restoring power or re-newing an old pole.
Today was different. It was emotional. I didn't expect that.

Today I saw homes that were damaged. Yards that were destroyed, decks torn down, fences down, broken swing sets and LOTS of WIRES. Wires were draped across roofs, awnings, sheds, branches and laying all over the ground. These wires were torn down by the Hurricane.
It's funny how at my house I thought of the "hurricane" as a bad thunderstorm, yet only miles away people were still without power. Once their power is restored they will still have a lot of damage to deal with. I got back to my regular life after one day, lucky me.

Another thing that tugged on my heartstrings were the lineman. Eric was in charge of crews from Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana. These men were working VERY hard, and they have been for days. They have been away from their families. They miss their wives. Many of the men told me about their children and grandchildren. A grandfather was telling me how he just had his first grandson. Another mentioned how much he missed his granddaughters pudgy little thighs and fat toes. One guy talked to Lyla, and told her he had a 3 year old girl at home, not much older than she is.

Seeing the crews from out of State made me feel lucky. Lyla and I have missed Eric this week,  but Eric get's to come home every night to his own bed, he still gives me kisses before he leaves for work and get's to sneak a peak at Lyla sleeping.

I can't wait for those men to get home to their families.

Here are some pics. from  Cavan Drive:

(fyi- their power was restored today!)