State Fair.
We took advantage of the beautiful weather and the last day before the long weekend, to enjoy the Maryland State Fair.

If you click HERE, you can check Lyla out 2 years ago on her first trip to the Fair.

And here are some pics. from this year:

Once this ride started, and the elephant was up in the air, Marti looked like she was on this one all by herself! My dad and I got a pretty big kick out of it!

Eric didn't get to enjoy the Fair with us this year, but he sure did enjoy some crabs when he got home!! My dad had caught and steamed them in the morning. Eric shared some with me... they were GOOD! VERY good! We also shared a "Nutty Buddy" Apple from the Fair- it was amazing! Marti- can you 'comment' with the name of the Candy Apple Company. EVERYONE who loves a good candy Apple should check them out!!

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Anonymous said...

We did have fun! the name of the apple company is Miss Debbies Specialty Apples - www.specialtyapples.com. And I can tell you they look and taste much better than they look on the website. "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!" But I did. I gave a little to Bruce and Sue - but not much! Very good.