A Field Trip (down Memory Lane).
Eric asked us to come visit him 'at work' today. He was working on Cavan Drive, in Towson.

For those of you who don't know... that's where Marti lived when she married my dad. So... I spent some time  growing up there. My fondest memories  include: spaghetti dinners, watching movies by the fire, my little red bed, playing Lego's and Monopoly with Jeff, playing the piano, the lovely neighbors, sharing a trundle bed with Jaselle, my fish tank, Mike Matee, Steves girlfriends, Nintendo, Aunt Ellen (and her long, pretty hair), Marti attempting to pack my school lunch, watching golf with my dad.... wow, and many, many more. Funny how just looking at an old house brings back SO many memories.

On to the Field Trip.
I told Lyla this morning we were going to see Daddy at work.
She said, "potty, dressed, teeth, eat, Mommys car."
Translation: Let's hurry up and get ready Mom! I'm super excited!

I have seen Eric on different sites before, restoring power or re-newing an old pole.
Today was different. It was emotional. I didn't expect that.

Today I saw homes that were damaged. Yards that were destroyed, decks torn down, fences down, broken swing sets and LOTS of WIRES. Wires were draped across roofs, awnings, sheds, branches and laying all over the ground. These wires were torn down by the Hurricane.
It's funny how at my house I thought of the "hurricane" as a bad thunderstorm, yet only miles away people were still without power. Once their power is restored they will still have a lot of damage to deal with. I got back to my regular life after one day, lucky me.

Another thing that tugged on my heartstrings were the lineman. Eric was in charge of crews from Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana. These men were working VERY hard, and they have been for days. They have been away from their families. They miss their wives. Many of the men told me about their children and grandchildren. A grandfather was telling me how he just had his first grandson. Another mentioned how much he missed his granddaughters pudgy little thighs and fat toes. One guy talked to Lyla, and told her he had a 3 year old girl at home, not much older than she is.

Seeing the crews from out of State made me feel lucky. Lyla and I have missed Eric this week,  but Eric get's to come home every night to his own bed, he still gives me kisses before he leaves for work and get's to sneak a peak at Lyla sleeping.

I can't wait for those men to get home to their families.

Here are some pics. from  Cavan Drive:

(fyi- their power was restored today!)


Anonymous said...

Wow! So much damage in the old neighborhood. And we just met at the Peppermill - not knowing how much damage there was right across the street. Glad the old house wasn't hurt. And - what do you mean - "Marti ATTEMPTING to make my lunch!" It was only CHUNKY peanut butter!

Anonymous said...

yes, chunky peanut butter WITH PICKLES!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes! chunky peanut butter with pickles! That I am sure of - you always said it was peanut butter with lettuce - which I never would have done! You just got my lunch and I must have gotten your plain, smooth peanut butter sandwich!