Gymnastics, here we come!

We started gymnastics today... yes, we. It's a Mommy and Me class. Basically, I am there to 'spot' her.

It was awesome. We will start each class with a 'warm up.' Then move to the equipment. Yes- they actually use the 'real' gymnastics equipment. I thought they would roll around on the floor or something- who knew?

Kids these days. Then again, when I signed her up for dance class last year, I had no idea she would be taking it on her own, and a year later would be found skipping around the house  & announcing to me when she does her  plie and arabesque!

Lyla is thrilled about her new class! She did not want to leave. She said, "more Mommy, pa-leeeese!"

I'm so happy for her. There is just one little thing I'm upset about...

Apparently, I am not allowed to bring my camera into class!! WHAT?!! ARE you SERIOUS? I actually have to have my hands free at all times in case my child comes flying off the trampoline?!!

So, for now you can see the little gymnast before we left for class.

No, the sun is not in her eyes. This is her saying, cheese.

Check out the back of my leotard!

Me: Lyla, show Mommy what you think you are going to do in gymnastics class.

Lyla: Strong. Daddy.

Me: Oh, you have to be strong in gymnastics class?

Lyla: Oh yeah, Lyla strong. Daddy. Buzz. Strong. (as in Buzz Lightyear from Toystory).

Wish us luck!

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