She's growing up.
We started our day off with a trip to the Dentist.

Lyla did a SUPER job! She played in the waiting area (for 40 minutes... thank goodness for the fun toys).
Then she waited patiently in the examination room (for another 10) . She played with the dinosaur and fish- with teeth. I think they are kinda creepy. It's just weird seeing a soft stuffed animal with TEETH. She thinks they are cool.

When Dr. Shih came in... she said Hi, laid back in the chair, and opened wide!
She showed little anxiety and there were no tears. She did awesome!

I am so proud of her! When she was finished she told her dentist she likes to floss- so Dr. Shih put extra floss in her 'goody bag.' She also got to pick out a prize from the treasure box (she chose a lizard that she later named Usher).

To check out her first dental visit, click here. It was a slightly different experience.

Later in the day she started her second year of Ballet/Dance class. Her SECOND year!  Crazy.

When Lyla saw her dance teacher, she squealed, "Ms. Nicolle!"
She went running to her and gave her a big hug! It was so sweet. She is a wonderful teacher.

Even though it's a little blurry...I love this picture. So Lyla.

Showing off her new dance/gymnastics bag!

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