BIG girl bed.
This week was a BIG week at our house.
We spent time picking out a new, full size mattress, perfect sheets, comfy blankets and new pillows.

This week I remembered how small Lyla looked in her crib when she was a newborn. She was so tiny. She did not stay in the bassinet that was in our room very long. One night Eric just laid her down in her crib. At the time I thought it was funny, that he laid her vertically, as opposed to horizontally (which is what I would have done). It didn't matter though. He had swaddled her up nice and tight, and she fell sound asleep.

It wasn't long before she had to sleep horizontally.

Just 6 months ago she started sleeping in her toddler bed. She looked like such a big girl. She looked big, in her tiny bed, which once was her large crib.

Lyla slept in her  BIG girl bed last night, for the very first time.

She looked so small again.

We followed our typical night time routine. When we said our prayers I asked God to keep Lyla safe and sound in her bed (Lyla prayed for her Gymnastics teacher, Ms. Ashley).

A part of me wanted to ask her if she needed me to lay with her for a few minutes.
I didn't offer.
I didn't want her to think I doubted how brave she can be.
She didn't need me. We gave kisses. She was asleep at 8:40pm.

We checked on her at 9pm.
Again at 10. (noticed she was horizontal!)
At 11pm, I crawled into bed with her. She didn't need me, but I needed her.
I watched her sleep, for just a few minutes.
My big girl seemed so little again.

She woke up very proud of herself. We were proud of her too. xo