Happy Birthday Papa!
We celebrated Moes birthday last weekend. Lyla was super excited to sing "Happy Birthday To You" and eat some cake, of course!

She is Papa's "pretty girl" so she had to wear some lipgloss for his party. She really is getting good at putting on all by herself.  Lately, she has to do EVERYTHING all by herself.

 She wanted to stop and pick some flowers-

 Eric reminded her we were walking 2 blocks with an ICE CREAM cake, and that if she didn't move a little faster, it would melt-

That made her move faster!

 Eric and I had just got home from our 4th Annual Atlantic City Christmas shopping trip. We had a good time, and are off to a great start with gifts.
We sure did miss Lyla though.It was nice to spend some time relaxing with her and the fam.

We enjoyed coloring,

Yummy food, 

 and the cake!

 Happy Birthday Moe! We love you. xo