Third Annual Halloween Costume Contest and Parade.
On Saturday we celebrated Makenzies first birthday! She had a Sesame Street themed party at a local park, and Lyla had a great time. We didn't get to stay as long as we would have liked, but we couldn't miss the Halloween festivities in our neighborhood.

This year Lyla Grace dressed up as a 1920's Flapper. 

I got the idea for this costume over the summer. Her grandparents took her to "Old Time Photo's"  when they had her at the beach one weekend. Lyla came home with a picture dressed up as a Flapper. She was wearing a boa and holding a bottle of whisky. It's priceless. Kim said she was not too thrilled about dressing up for the picture. They had to "photo shop" a smile on her face! 

Luckily she was not too scarred by this incident, 
because she was eager to dress up for the parade!

This year, Lyla won second place!!

I wasn't able to get many pictures on Saturday, so today we took advantage of the 70 degree weather and headed to the park for a Halloween photo shoot. I'm so glad we did. Now I have some cute costume pictures taken, and I will not have to worry about them on Halloween.

Lyla won a gift card to Toys R Us, so after our photo shoot, that's where we headed!
We are looking forward to Trick or Treating next week!

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