A glimpse at our holiday fun:
Pop and Marmee took Lyla to see The Little Mermaid.

Eric and Lyla out on a lunch date. Afterwards they went tap shoe shopping!

Rise of the Guardians at the movies.... GREAT movie!

 She is getting her tiny toes ready for Christmas. Red, with sparkles (of course).

 Cake Pop Making.

 She requested this pose. Shocker.

Playing dress up at my moms.
She's Judy from White Christmas!

We have been getting a kick out of Ballerina Twinkle.

 Reading The Nutcracker and other Christmas stories before bed. 
We also saw The Nutcracker on stage. 
It was performed by the dancers from Lyla's dance studio.

We won the community Home Decorating Contest!!

 We are not sure how.
 We think the fact that Lyla says hi and waves to the board members when we go on our walks around the neighborhood, had something to do with it!

We caught the look on Erics face when he got home from work and saw the sign in our yard!
Yes, that's our daughter running around outside at 9pm without shoes. 
Yes Mom, that's probably why she has a cough and runny nose. 

We hope everyone is enjoying the hustle and bustle of the holiday!


Oh, Christmas Tree!
After last years Tree experience... 
when I actually returned our Christmas tree (in exchange for a better one)...
Eric suggested that we cut our tree down this year.

I'm kinda particular about my tree- I think he wanted me to have a ton of options this year.
He probably didnt want to deal with the embarrassment of tree return again either.

We will definitely be cutting our tree down again next year! 
However, Eric said he will be bringing his own saw with him. Apparently the ones the tree farm offered were pretty dull. Men and their tools!


 Maria has her baby blog up and running!
Check it out by clicking here.
{For those of you who do not know Maria- she is my 
beautiful, smart, funny, Russian sister-in-law!}


We have a little visitor at our house
this holiday season...

Lyla named her, Ballerina Twinkle.
{We were not surprised}

Last night she escaped from her box, and put on her skirt.
{Of course our Elf needed a skirt- with a name like Ballerina Twinkle}

This is where we found her this morning!

Happy December!

If you don't know about Elf on the shelf, you can find out more by clicking


 Another season has ended, another medal earned.
This little girl loves gymnastics!


Here is what we have been up to....
Apple Butter making for Eric
 (he loves apple butter this time of year,
I love caramel apples- have not attempted to make those yet),

Crock Pot Apple Butter Recipe
10-12 apples (peeled and chopped)
1/2 cup Apple Cider
3 tsp. Cinnamon
1 tsp. Nutmeg
1 cup brown sugar
2 cups white sugar (or sugar substitute)

Cook on low overnight (about 12 hrs.)
Stir to get preferred consistency
Let cool in refrigerator for three hours.

Treat making for others,

S'more Bars
1 box of Golden Graham cereal
1 bag of mini marshmallows
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 tbsp. butter

Spray 9x9 cooking pan with non stick cooking spray
In a large pot, melt butter and chocolate, add marshmallows.
Stir in cereal until it is coated.

Pour mixture into cooking pan and lightly press down into pan.
Let them sit out, or place in fridge to cool.
Cut into squares and devour!

Witches Brooms for Halloween
Pretzels sticks
Miniature Reese cups

Push pretzel in center of Reese cup!
That simple and cute.

Baby Showers,

Mermaid Parties,

 Birthday Play dates,

Trick or Treating as Cinderella,

 This is her "PRINCESS" pose.

This is,
"Where, oh WHERE, is my Prince Charming?!"

This is her,
"Pop and Marmee are finally here, I can go get some CANDY,"

We hope you are enjoying your Fall!