It's been over a month since I've updated...
I've been told to at least put up Christmas 2011 pics., before Christmas 2012 is here!
December, as always, was awesome.
Our days were filled with Music, Treats, Train Gardens,  Santa, Family and 
Presents, lots and lots of presents! This little girl was SPOILED!

Christmas 2011.

Christmas ROCKED!

*     *     *

This December Eric and I also celebrated our 5th Anniversary!
Yep, FIVE years.

We have been together for a decade. We have grown up together.
We have argued and made up. We have laughed together, and cried together.
We have faced challenges and learned lessons.
We have found joy in each others accomplishments.
We have made a house our home, one project at a time.
We brought a healthy, beautiful, smart little girl into the world.

Some days we can't stand each other,
Everyday we LOVE each other.