Once again, time is flying by around here...
January looked something like this:

The highlight was a family trip to NYC...

We toured the American Museum of Natural History...

The butterfly garden was awesome, 

but climbing under guard rails, onto the displays, was even more fun!

Our favorite exhibit was definitely the dinosaurs!

M and M World was yummy, we each filled up a bag 
with our favorite colors.

We stopped at American Girl and Lyla did some shopping for her Bitty Baby.

This is the first (and most likely only) picture I have ever taken inside a bathroom STALL...
Each stall in the American Girl store has a 'doll holder.'
How funny is that?!

Everyone enjoyed dinner at Hard Rock.

The trip was a success. Lyla's two current faves. are dino's and American Girl,
so she couldn't have asked for a better day!

In other news,
Eric started re- modeling our bathroom. 
We showered at Moe and Kims during the month of  January.
Lyla loved it! After she was nice and clean she would snuggle up on the sofa with MomMom for her night time treat. (Your stinky girls really appreciated it, thanks again)!
And of course while we are out shopping for bathroom decor, the Biebs joins us!

Little Makenzie is growing up fast!
She is saying new words everytime we get together for a play date.
When she isn't speaking for herself, Lyla likes to play ventriloquist.

Lyla and Allison have been playing together great on Wednesdays.
They are so funny when they play with Barbies. I love how all the Barbies
speak in a super high pitched voice, and how Ken always calls Barbie, "Honey!"

(I think the day these pics. were taken, it was 71 degrees... in January!)

Twinkle Toes is back to ballet...

She makes her Daddy proud.

Last, but certainly not least, I said Goodbye to my FIRST CAR!
That's right, we sold my little blue Del Sol. I have had her since I was 17.
She went to a good home, Eric took this pic. of me with the new owner.
(And obviously forgot the flash, but a treasured pic. regardless)