A couple of weeks ago, we went on an awesome vacation...
Little Miss. Lyla Grace took her first Cruise,
on board the Norwegian Epic!!

We started our trip in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. We spent two nights there before heading to the Miami Port.  Unfortunately our days were rainy. We spent time relaxing, catching up with family and friends and we took Ly to the Rain forest Cafe. She loved the fish, elephants and monkeys. We knew if she was thrilled to be at Rain forest Cafe, she would really like our ship!

Basically, our trip was amazing, we don't have many complaints. 
Our ship was a 'character ship' with Dora, Diego, SpongeBob and some others.
Our only upset of the week is the fact that we didn't see Dora enough (and that complaint is coming from Eric and I, Lyla didn't mention it, but our thought is, if they claim to be a family ship with a Nickelodeon theme, we would have liked to see the characters walking around the ship or in some type of a show. We did have breakfast with Dora, and of course it made Lylas day)...

Anyway... below are a ton of pics.

Our flights were a birthday present from my mom ( it was also her way of talking us out of driving down, because we had considered going that route)...
Great decision! The flights were simple and smooth.
 We have the best little traveler too! Thanks again Mom! xo

I didn't have my camera with me at the Rainforest Cafe... but here are a few pics. before we left Florida. Yummy breakfast!

We had a pedicure and manicure together. Lyla picked out the color for our toes.
Sparkly Pink. Very, very sparkly.

Embarkation Day!
We were greeted with Caribbean music and heart shaped balloons.

Once we found our room, Lyla had drink and some Swedish fish on the balcony.
(yes, her nails have red heart-shaped rhinestones on them)

Lyla said she was going to miss her dance and gymnastics classes. 
So we suggested a performance/practice before dinner.

I am rarely in a pic. with Lyla (because I take all of the pictures)!
Eric made sure to capture some on our vacation.

Our cabin-

Breakfast with Dora and Friends-

Valentines Day!

After we ate breakfast together, Lyla went to the "Kids Club" 
while Eric and I enjoyed a Couples Massage.

Kids Club on the ship was wonderful. They have a huge children's area filled with arts/crafts, a movie theater, toys, computers, books and even an indoor playground.
It was perfect for when Eric and I wanted to go to the gym, spa, or have a dinner date.

After our massage, we headed to the pool.
Check out my valentine!

This little girl is part FISH!
She had a blast in the kids pool. I think she went down the slide at least 100 times on our trip.
We would grab some chairs by her pool in the morning, 
and she would go back and forth from her pool to the hot tub with dad.

She really enjoyed her soft serve ice cream by the pool.
It wasn't long before they would start to melt, but that was ok.
She would step right under the pool side shower and rinse off when she was finished.
One day she asked for second cone, I said, "Maybe later".
Eric gave me a look and said, "It's vacation...." 
She got her second cone, and it went down just as smooth as the first.
A battle worth losing.

St. Maarten

Mommy loved the Guavaberry Colada!

All dressed up for dinner...

The food was delicious. Our favorite breakfast was the waffles covered with 
whipped cream and syrup. I think we had them almost every morning.

St. Thomas, Meghans Bay.

Dancing in the sand.

I wrote her name in the sand. She thought it was the coolest thing ever.
The simple things!

Jimmy Buffet, parrots and Senior Frogs.
A perfect island day!

We went bowling on our ship. This was Lyla's first time bowling.
She won. Seriously, (and we didn't even 'let' her)!

She went crazy for the Towel Animals each night... 

When we picked her up from Kids Club one morning, she had just came from a Pirate Party.

Our favorite Towel Animal of the week, the monkey!

Nassau, Bahamas.

 Lyla  likes to 'pose' infront of random objects and have her picture taken.
We rarely say no. There are so many times I want her picture taken,
 and she rarely fights a smile. So when she asks for her picture taken,
 whether it be infront of a lion statue or perfume display, we snap away!

 We spent a few hours at Atlantis. It's pretty amazing there.
We enjoyed one of the aquariums, and a 'kids' beach.

Eric caught our fearless swimmer in action... she just holds her nose and goes under
(sometimes she doesn't even give us a heads up)!

Sandcastles with Daddy.

This is how she looked every afternoon.

Next to Dora, her favorite show was Blue Man Group.
The Blue Men put on a great show!

After our cruise returned to Miami, we spent one more day in Florida.
Lyla spent the afternoon in the pool. I spent some more time with my Aunt Dorothy (my great aunt). She is 87 years old, and you would never know it. She has the best outlook on life, many good stories to tell and the sweetest heart. Spending time with her was one of my favorite parts of the vacation. I'm glad she got to spend time with Lyla and Eric as well.

After  our long pool day we took a nice nap and went out to dinner.
We picked up our friend Deborah 
She spoiled Lyla with more sweets. (Lyla has her next dental visit in April, I'm kinda nervous)!

After treats we went out dancing. It was "Italian Night" at the condo.
We listened to music and had some good laughs.

 beautiful, relaxing and FUN vacation.