Welcome March!
What a beautiful day to start off the month.
 Lyla and I spent our morning at the park, and we are SO eager for Spring to get here-
 not that we are complaining about the Winter we had.

However, I must say I would have enjoyed ONE good snowfall.
 I'm sure Lyla would have had a blast playing in the snow,
 making snow angels, sledding, and coming in for hot chocolate to warm up...

 Mother Nature, 
Please stop teasing us. If Winter is over and Spring is around the corner, bring it!
 Our tulips are popping up and L wants to water them, we want to go to the park, color with sidewalk chalk, and ride our bikes. I'm sure Eric is over me 'baking' everything for dinner.
 He wants to use the grill again. I want him to use the grill again!
Jamie and  Lyla

Anyway, March is always a fun month for us... it's full of Birthdays!
Lyla, Eric and myself, share this special month! 
Along with, DoeDoe, Zach, Faith, Aunt Betsy, Bailey, Rik,
 Shelly, Lauren, Michael, Ken, and Justin.
 As in, The Biebs.

Happy Birthday Justin Bieber!
Lyla Grace

And to all our March Birthday Buddies-

Happy Birthday!!