Loooong weekend!
We ended it with a Baby Shower on Sunday.

An Italian baby shower.

A LOT of loud women, a LOT of gifts,
a whole LOT of food and a little confusion.
(Even after being around the family this long, I still don't know
what half of them are saying to me, including when they are speaking English)!

I smile, and nod my head. It works.

Here are a couple pics. of the pretty little girls...


A couple people have suggested I update the blog...
I did not realize until I took the time to do it this evening-
that I had not updated since our cruise in February.

Life has been a little crazy.
A roller coaster. Busy.
We have had ups and downs.

We lost my grandmother, "Nanu" in March.
She was one of a kind.

 She was a singer, an artist, an actress,
a spoiler, a giggler, a dancer. She was generous, thoughtful,
sneeky, silly, happy and so full of love and LIFE.

She is in our thoughts and prayers everyday.

Through some rough days, this little one was amazing.
Kids are resilient.

In March, birthdays were celebrated...

Doctors and Dentist were visited...
(her dentist asked if we let her eat sweets... boy do we have her fooled!)

A birthday trip to American Girl was an experience...
(such an experience that I need to do a full blog post on American Girl)

This princess turned three and was a happy, happy girl...

Our Red Robin tradition was kept...

We saw the, "GREATEST show on EARTH,"

and Dr. Seuss' The Lorax.

 The Ice Cream man has started making visits...

and her bicycle has been ridden a lot.

We went to our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt...

and a Pancake Breakfast on Palm Sunday.

G.G. and Lyla could be found at the money wheel.

We have spent time with friends...


and old.

We celebrated Easter...

and the Bunny made a trip to our house...

Well, the Bunny made a couple trips (before and after Easter, lucky girl)...

We went to a carnival...

it was a little creepy.
(I'm beginning to think most are).

We have been watching this little ballerina
develop new skills each week...

and she moved up a level in gymnastics.
(Meaning- it's not a 'Mommy and Me' class. 
I wanted to hold her back for just one more session, I didn't).

So in the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how I can get ONE good
picture of Lyla in her class, despite the terrible lighting!

And finally...Eric had a successful Laminectomy Discectomy. 
That's right. Big words, big surgery. He is making a speedy recovery.

Lyla doesn't have to visit him when he works long hours, 
because she has been spending time with him at home.

Eric has really been enjoying his extra time with his princess.
He currently knows all the words to every Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift song,
he has been forced to wear lip gloss and attend tea parties. He is a pro at Chutes and Ladders.
He is a fan of Strawberry Shortcake, Tinker bell and
 he LOVES her new doll, Makenna. He especially likes to do her hair!

Until next time...