Our Busy Bee has added yet another extra-curricular activity to her list:
Swimming Lessons.

Marti is a member of the YMCA, and when she saw they offered a swim class for children, 
she asked if she could sign Lyla up..... to which we answered, of course!

She is an Eel. She splashed, she paddled, she jumped. She blew bubbles.
She went under. We panicked. She came back up.

Overall, I think she really enjoyed it. She made new friends and on 
the way home said she wanted to go back next week. Move over Michael Phelps.

 Here are some pics. from Gymnastics this week:

And some cute Ballet pics.

The girls tried their recital costumes on in class this week....
Lyla isn't sure how she feels about it.
She is however excited for the big show.