Last week Lyla went to Summer Camp!
It was held at her dance studio. She did crafts, played games, ate snacks,
 dressed up and of course, danced!

Every morning she woke up, super excited to get her leotard on. I told her that big girls go to Dance camp, and that it was her responsibility to get her dance bag together. Every day she would check to make sure she had her shoes, her dance book, and water bottle. She was very proud of herself. On the car ride home from camp, she would tell me all about her day. She is growing up way too fast! On the last day of camp, parents were invited in to see the "Princess Dance" they had been working on. Lyla wasn't too happy about that. The poor girl has some serious stage fright. Eric and I are better off peeking in from the window!

Here is a glimpse at her recital last month...
See that open space, center stage?
Yup... that's where Lyla is supposed to be!

Instead... she helped instruct the students with Ms. Nicolle.
The girl doesn't have many faults. If "stage fright" is one of the them... I'm ok with that.

She wasn't quite herself after the show.
Papa knew what would snap her out of it-

Camp .... Awesome!

 Preforming... For the birds!


Hello Summer!