With Erics time off, we have been packing in as much fun as we can.
Summer has looked something like this:



Swim Lessons

Playing/Posing outside


A spur of the moment
Road Trip

to Florida

then, straight to O.C.


Well, attempting to cook...

New leotards

Cheering on the O's

Princess Parties

Baby bunnies 

and baby twins

Just having fun,

and taking it easy!

With Eric being home for the last couple of weeks, 
people have asked if we are, 
"sick of each other?"

Yes.... and no.
He hasn't driven me any more nuts than he typically does!
(I'm just teasing Eric, I know I'm no picnic)!

In all seriousness, it's been a fun couple of months and I know he has enjoyed
his time with the Princess. It's meant a lot to him. I don't tell him he has to go to Ballet class,
Gymnastics, the Movies, playground, or make-up shopping. Sometimes I don't even ask.
He just wants to go. He wants to see her grow up. He's present, and she notices.
She is going to miss her Daddy when he goes back to work.
6 more days, but who's counting?!!!