Her day included ribbon twirling, gymnastics, baby dolls,
the McKenna movie and smores, with two of her girlfriends.

She had a GREAT day!


As the 2012 Olympics came to an end, 
so did Lyla's first year of gymnastics!

After taking the 'Mommy & Me' class with her in the Fall and Winter of 2011, it was hard to let her start the independent program. At the same time, it's been great watching her accomplish things on her own, develop confidence and interact with her friends.

I'm most proud of her 'tricks' on the bars (I wasn't close enough to get pics. ugh), along with her handstands and cartwheels. Her legs seem to fly all over the place,
 but at least now she is attempting to land on her feet! 

She is SO serious.

When she received her medal, her name was called first.
In her mind, she WON a FIRST place GOLD medal.
I didn't let her know it had anything to do with her last name starting with "E."
When she tells me she is #1, I simply agree.


Last week we had a quick visit from the Cheese State.
Erics brother Dennis and his family came over for dinner 
and some much needed playtime with the kids!