Lyla wanted to show off some of her gymnastics skills the other day. 
She was extra excited that her daddy was joining us. He is a little more fun, 
or should I say, daring than I am!

But he has his 'moments' too.
He was acting very relaxed sitting a few feet away as Lyla was going to attempt to
cross over the bars, "all by herself." I was 20 feet away having a panic attack.

See that grin on his face?
His nerves got the best of him!


We are proud of your bravery and confidence.
We are patient when you want to do everything
"by yourself."
please stop growing up so fast!
Mommy & Daddy


We are getting back into the swing of things after a great, long weekend at the beach!
We packed everything in.. Thrashers Fries & pizza, silly mirrors and rides, people watching and fishers popcorn, a laser show, jets skis, Candy kitchen, Harpoon Hannah's, swimming in the pool, feeding the ducks, and fun drinks!

We hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


Game time:

Come on O's,
we have been rooting for you all Summer.
Beat those Yankee's!