Fall snuck up on us. We have  been celebrating some birthdays.
Ly and I enjoyed Aunt Jaselles birthday breakfast with her and the kids,
she turned the big 40! {Pic. is Lyla and Faith}

We also celebrate Papa's birthday! 
How cute is this shirt?!!

She loves her Papa,
 and we all loved Outback and Carvel- yum!

Last year for Christmas Santa brought Lyla Grace a 'kids' camera- it was returned the week after Christmas. Unfortunately it didn't take good pictures, at all. Like, Eric and I couldn't get a good picture on it. So we don't recommend this camera to anyone, especially for the price.

Anyway, Lyla has been using my 'little' camera. 
She has really been having some fun taking pictures-
and I think she's pretty good!
See below:

photo credit:  Lyla Grace 

 photo credit: Lyla Grace

 photo credit: Lyla Grace

We also celebrated someones "half" birthday.

We took a a fun trip to Hershey Park with our 
Three and a HALF year old!
{she loves saying- and a half now!}

Almost as much as she loves her maps.

In Hershey, P.A. it was 'Restaurant Week.'
Eric suggested  Houlihans. It was delicious. The "Disco Fries" are awesome and 
Eric recommends the  Pumpkin Spice Beer.

Our favorite part of our Hershey weekend was Chocolate World.
We went through the chocolate tour twice. 
Good Times.

 photo credit: Lyla Grace

 photo credit: Lyla Grace

 photo credit: Lyla Grace

photo credit: Lyla Grace

Fall has also included regular, old, boring stuff:

We had to turn our heat on and close our windows, bummer. Flu shots were not fun. We had to repair our kitchen faucet (which caused a leak all the way down to our basement)- SAVE your receipts people! We still had ours from a couple of years ago- and it saved us $200 for the faucet repair!

 I had some car repairs, wish you could save "receipts" for those!! 

Also, a couple of weeks ago, my grandfather had a long fall down the stairs
 and has been recovering in the hospital- he's doing good now.
Artwork from Lyla makes him smile.

And.... as usual, we took our (4th) Annual trip to Webers Farm!!
{Pictures coming soon}

Have a great weekend!