Eric decided  that he wanted to take Lyla to Skate Land!
This was her first time roller skating...

She was SUPER excited!

 The rink was really crowded. We had no idea that many people still went to Skate Land!
We went to the far end of the rink. Most of the skaters hung out on the rink, or by the snack bar. We practiced on the thin carpet, and she did pretty good.

The actual rink, was another story! She spend most of her time falling down... but she just laughed and got right back up!


My girlfriend Katie and I had the opportunity to work with the Torrey Smith Foundation over the holidays! Torrey is just a down to earth, regular guy and Michael Oher is a great big Teddy Bear! 

Let's hope Torrey and his teammates bring us a victory at the Superbowl!

Happy Purple Friday!


We started our day with a Ravens Smoothie:

Ravens Smoothie
8-12 oz. of your favorite yogurt (we used Yo plait Mixed Berry)
1/2 cup strawberries
1/2 cup blackberries
1/4 cup milk
1/2 cup ice
1 tsp. sugar

blend and enjoy the PURPLE power running through your Baltimore veins!

Let's Go RAVENS!


 Well, hello there!

I can't believe I let a month go by without sharing our holiday pics.!
Actually, I can. While Christmas is always a little hectic, this year we celebrated with a pretty relaxed attitude. Eric and I agree that despite some hustle and bustle, this Christmas we made sure to spend our time meaningful and this year was our favorite together!

 I had many moments where I put my camera away, Eric did not touch his iphone and the computer was not in use. We used our time wisely. 

We read Christmas stories, watched funny movies, baked, drank cocoa, decorated, danced, and acted silly. Yes, we do these things every year, but this year we made sure to appreciate every minute together, and tried our best not to get distracted, and just BE in the moment. 

For the most part, we were successful. It's something I am going to work on more in 2013.
A resolution, if you will.

For me, the computer can be distracting. I use it a lot with photography, among checking e-mail, reading the latest news and gossip, etc. Ly rarely sees me on the computer. 
I don't want technology to distract me from my girl, or life.

When I do laundry in the basement, Lyla plays in her play area. She will "bake" for me and bring a "cupcake" over to the never ending pile of clothes. I say, "thanks," with a smile.

I want to catch myself in those moments and stop folding clothes. I want to play with her more. The clothes will get folded, eventually. 

We don't have a dishwasher. I am in front of our kitchen sink a lot. Like, a whole lot. At least it feels like it. I want to let the dishes sit a few hours- because they will get washed. I want to sit down and color, play with Strawberry Shortcake and Bitty Baby.

When the tragedy in Newtown occurred, we felt terrible for the victims and their families. 
Together we prayed for them, and wrote a letter to Santa, asking that little joy be brought to their homes.

We gave Lyla extra hugs and held on to her a little tighter than usual the following weeks.

In 2013 I want to make sure I am present. I want to play more, color more, snuggle more.
Don't get me wrong- I play with the Princess A LOT. This year, I want to make sure I am not letting anything distract me. I don't want to have a 20 minute tea party, I want put on costumes, let Ly do my make-up, and enjoy an afternoon of tea and cookies, followed by a dance party. I want to be in the moment and take everything in. 

*     *     *

And for those of you who were wishing my new years resolution would be,
me, answering my phone... sorry about your luck!!
Maybe next year.

I will take this time to apologize to those I torture most,
My parents, Kim, Doe-Doe, Katie and Gretchen.

Don't take it personal.
Love you all. Xo

Now, take a glimpse at the end of 2012...

Happy New Year!