A couple of months ago, Lyla borrowed this book from the library:

Love, Ruby Valentine by Laurie Friedman. Well, we all fell in love with this book. Pun intended, couldn't pass it up (this is my Valentines Day post after all)! 

At the end of  January, Barnes and Noble had a big display of Ruby and her book- Ruby is pretty popular. So, we bought one to add to our collection. It has been read many, many, times since. I think even Eric has some of it memorized!

Ruby inspired Lyla to work really hard on her Valentines this year. She decorated beautiful cards and mailed/dropped off small surprises to friends.

She enjoyed a surprise or two herself.

Handmade Valentines are the best. Thanks Ly. xo


The Scott Woods family has landed in Mississippi and is headed to New Orleans for the Superbowl!

Laura was interviewed at the airport... check out the video by clicking here!

Tear up the turf Ray!

Click on the links below for RAVENS coloring pages:


Ravens Snowman

Ravens Snowflake

Football Player/handwriting

Have fun!


I set a fun little goal for myself this year.  I decided that I would take one picture a day. I take a lot of pictures, but I have never tried to capture at least one a day

I know others who have done it- and at the end of the year are thrilled to have captured simple, everyday moments.

I am good about making sure I have pictures of our family- but I thought by forcing myself to get my camera out once a day, I would capture our real life.  The good, the bad, the boring, the silly. I can't wait to have a pile of 365 pictures at the end of the year!

In January I was successful! I believe it was day 8 that I almost forgot to take a pic.- so I quickly shot one of Lyla in bed. It's a little harder than I thought- but I've got one month down, eleven to go!

You can check out my pics. on the, 'a photo a day,' page. Enjoy!