Hello March!

This month is always fun for our family- and it started off with a quick trip to Atlanta.
Lyla and I flew down for a couple of days to meet Sasha (Marti's son Steve's, daughter).

She is a sweetheart!

She resembles her father.

Lyla loves her- and I love this pic. Nudey Beauties.

Since we were in Georgia, we got to visit Allison, Beth, Kelly and kids.
The girls had a great time together!

 Lyla also had a great time hanging out with her Uncle Steve. Over the weekend they did some art work with sparkles and made pretty awesome bird feeders.

 Sasha is strong little girl- holding her head up and pushing off of her belly- she is just 2 months!

I was snapping some pics. of Sasha, (not wanting to be forgotten) Lyla had to show her how to 'pose.'

We watched Tangled Sunday night...

and Steve told Lyla when the movie was over, they could release Lanterns, just like they do in the movie! She was in heaven- until they disappeared into the night sky. Then she had a mild panic attack. She is so emotional.

 Marti is one happy grandmother.

We couldn't leave without getting a picture of Sasha with Makenna.

I think my favorite part of the trip was seeing Maria as a mom. She is amazing. Sasha is a lucky girl.