Lyla Grace turned FOUR!

When I get sad about it, Lyla says, "I'm still your little girl!"
But really, she's not. She's growing up.

We started her birthday off with her favorite pancakes.

Her daddy gave her a very special gift.

After getting ready for the day, we headed to the salon for her first hair cut!
She wasn't thrilled about it at first.

She got over it, and felt pretty cool.

Then, thought she was a super model!

 After her (half inch) hair cut, we went home to give her a big girl bike!

Papa stopped by to see her take a ride, and give her birthday kisses.

 When Eric went to the gym, we ran over to Mammys. She got a kick out of her birthday card. My mom glued Lylas face on the front. Simple pleasures!

After my mom helped make treats for her birthday party, we headed home to meet up with Eric. We were all getting hungry so we headed to Fridays for dinner.

After dinner we were off to see The Croods!

She had an AWESOME birthday! 
Saturday was her friends party- her very first friends party, and she was excited!

 The kids got to bounce around for nearly two hours.
The "theme" of her birthday was McKenna/Gymnastics- shocker!

She may have worn her birthday shirt for 3 days straight.

I think everyone had a great time.

Saturday evening we decorated eggs...

and the Easter Bunny came sometime during the night.

Lyla sat with her friends at Church on Easter Sunday, but I snuck a picture.

Eric and I laughed because we know one day she is going to roll her eyes and think, 'Yeah, that's my mom. the one who is always taking pictures of me!'

Overall- we had an awesome weekend. Exhausting, but SO much fun.


Over the last year you have surprised us. You are much smarter than we think. You have continued to work hard on your reading and writing. Sometimes you get frustrated with reading, just remember to take your time. Have patience.

You have a great memory. It's amazing.
But, please remember to say, please and thank you- don't be shy, be polite.

I love that instead of saying yesterday, you say lasterday.

You are a high achiever, but remember it's ok to make mistakes.

At gymnastics and dance you stay focused. You are a great listener and leader. I have faith you will be able to do a cartwheel and split by the time you are five. Keep practicing.

Your sense of humor is slightly beyond your years. It keeps us entertained.

Mommy and Daddy (and so many others) love you a lot. Thank you for being YOU!
Happy 4th birthday- we can't wait to see what this year brings!