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Hello Family and Friends!

See that cute little, Tropical Vows “button” on the right side of the blog?

Let me tell you a little bit about it...

Tropical Vows is a new website, created by my cousin Melissa (Woods) vanFleet.
She started creating the site over two years ago, after having her own destination wedding.

Melissa and her husband Seth were married on the beautiful Turks and Caicos Island. However, while planning their wedding, Melissa realized there were not any good resources out there, to help make planning a destination wedding in the Caribbean easy.

Tropical Vows is a great site for anyone wanting to get away to the warm Caribbean! It’s the perfect site for planning your destination wedding or honeymoon. I know I will be using the site to plan a family vacation or two!

There are articles, tips and tools to help you plan your wedding and trip. There are even lists to make sure you know what to pack!

I personally love all the information about different islands on one site, as well as the ability to put in my personal interest so that the site can help me decide a perfect travel location.

Make sure to sign up (for free!) to get to experience all the site has to offer!

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Your destination awaits!

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