My favorite drink of the Summer has been iced coffee.

You will need:
Ice cube trays
brewed coffee
milk (2%, almond, soy)
coffee syrup

Brew your favorite coffee. Once it cools, pour it into ice cube trays and set in freezer.
I typically make a whole bunch so I have it on hand.

When you want to make your iced coffee, pop about 8 Ice cubes into your glass. Pour 8 oz. of your milk of choice and add 1-2tbsp. of coffee syrup. I like vanilla and hazelnut.

Stir and Enjoy!!

Of course, when I'm not sipping on my iced coffee, Lyla makes one heck of a "sea weed smoothie."  It pairs well with her mud pie!


Eric and I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!
Lyla thinks the holiday is called, "Happy FOR July!"
I let her think/say that, because it sounds so stinkin' cute.

We headed to the beach for the holiday weekend. On the way down we stopped at The BBQ Joint . We took a quick detour in Easton and enjoyed some soul food. It's a great little spot to enjoy good bbq, fries, beans and corn bread.

Lyla was a little fish the entire weekend. 

Ocean City was super crowded (no surprise), so instead of going to the Ocean City boardwalk, we decided to head to Rohobeths. Best decision ever! We will be back. The rides were very inexpensive, it was not crowded. People were pleasent. Overall, great night!

First for us: We paid for our parking via the iphone. Scanned our meter, entered out license number and went on with our business. Eric even had a timer on his phone to let us know how much time was left. As the night went on, we were having a great time and wanted to stay longer. Eric just paid for another hour on his phone, and we didn't have to walk back to the truck! Amazing.

This was funny:
Onlookers were worried Eric was going to bust out of the harness! They both laughed the entire ride.

The following five photos were taken by Lyla. She has really been enjoying photography lately.

After eating dinner at a cute little restaurant, we got to make smores! So fun.

Papa making his Princess Pancakes.

Great little getaway with the family!


The month of June came and went with the blink of an eye! It was filled with sprinklers, and dance camp, swim lessons, and relaxing.  Gardening and grilling, reading, working and Sunday school. Birthday parties, doctor visits, an O.C. trip for Lyla, and a carnival!

We hope everyone is enjoying there Summer!


Happy Fathers Day.
Eric wanted us to host Fathers Day at our house this year, and he's the boss applesauce (well, most of the time) ~ so we did!

It turned out to be a beautiful day! We ate some yummy food and enjoyed delicious crabs! Kim and I enjoyed a few glasses of Sangria and the boys were happy to watch the Orioles win.

 You are an amazing daddy!
 You're a tough guy, head strong and have an Italian temper. However, when it comes to your princess that all seems to go away. She melts your heart and you both bring out the best in each other. I love watching you brush her hair, listen to you sing Disney songs and teach her lessons. She will turn out to be tough and head strong in the best ways possible.
 I will teach her how to control her temper (wink)!

Of course, I don't want to forget about my Daddy and Moe, I love you both!