Happy Fathers Day.
Eric wanted us to host Fathers Day at our house this year, and he's the boss applesauce (well, most of the time) ~ so we did!

It turned out to be a beautiful day! We ate some yummy food and enjoyed delicious crabs! Kim and I enjoyed a few glasses of Sangria and the boys were happy to watch the Orioles win.

 You are an amazing daddy!
 You're a tough guy, head strong and have an Italian temper. However, when it comes to your princess that all seems to go away. She melts your heart and you both bring out the best in each other. I love watching you brush her hair, listen to you sing Disney songs and teach her lessons. She will turn out to be tough and head strong in the best ways possible.
 I will teach her how to control her temper (wink)!

Of course, I don't want to forget about my Daddy and Moe, I love you both!