Happy Half Birthday Lyla Grace!

 Lyla started her half birthday with her Papa and Mommom. When she woke up from her sleepover, Papa made her four and half pancakes, of course.

Lyla and I went to Church while Eric had to work for a little in the morning. When he came home, he had a surprise for Lyla. He told her he was going to make her an outside playhouse! Lyla and I were equally excited.

So, they spent a few hours working on their new project.

In the evening we had the rainbow Pizza Party.
Thank you Target for having 'rainbow' supplies.

Thank you Dominos for having delicious gluten free pizza!

Brownies were her dessert request.

She recently bought her first Lego set. The Lego Friends set for girls is adorable.

Her Lego Friends now have an outside playhouse, and soon Lyla will have one of her own!


It's hard to believe twinkle toes started her 4th year of dance this month.
Mommy and Daddy wish you the best of luck Lyla!

Fall 2010

Fall 2011

Fall 2012

Fall 2013


This Summer was a perfect mix of weekend getaways, play dates, and relaxing.

Thanks to BGE we enjoyed a trip to Hershey Park:

We spent time cheering for the Ravens and Orioles:

Lyla enjoyed playing with her girlfriends (and spending half the Summer in her bikinis (she refuses to wear a 'one piece'):

 As usual, we went to the beach house a few times. Lyla loves every minute of it- except for when it's time to say goodbye:

 This year marked our fifth annual, "Atlantic City Christmas Shopping" trip!
I think this was the best year:

Life treated us pretty good this Summer, but we are looking forward to Fall.

We hope everyone else enjoyed their Summer and has adjusted back into the swing of things with school, activities and new routines!


We are refusing to accept that Fall is right around the corner.

Soaking up every last bit of Summer and enjoying a fun upcoming weekend is what we intend to do!