Well, another Halloween has come and gone.
October was filled with the community Halloween Parade and costume contest, a lot of birthday celebrations, our annual trip to Webers Farm and of course, Trick or Treating!

This was the first year Lyla had full control (well, almost full control) over her costume. A wicked witch she was!

 These two were proud grandma's because....Lyla won the costume contest for her age division!!
{My dad swears we are paying the judges off, I promise we are not.
 She is just so stinkin cute!}

This woman was dressed up as a crazy, candy snatching, lady.
 Oh wait, that's my mom.

Lyla won a gift card to Toys R Us!!! 

We enjoyed lots of goodies with Papa and the great grandparents for their birthdays.

 Makenzies party was a blast. The little princess turned three.
 The kids had fun bouncing around in their costumes.

And here are pictures from Webers....

This was the first year Lyla could go down the hill slide all by herself, she had a blast!

This was also the first year Lyla Grace really got 'into' Trick or Treating. Aunt Laura stopped by to help give out some candy. After we ate pizza with Pop and Marmee (don't worry Marti, your pilgram pictures are safe with me),  we went out to find Lylas girlfriends. Once all the kids got together, they were off running from one house to the next. We really enjoyed ourselves watching her have such a good time.

 We hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween!