May we share some pictures with you?

Cheesy, I know, but here is a look at last month:

I set the self timer on my camera and attempted to get a shot of the 3 of us. I have many pictures of Eric and Lyla. I have a few of Lyla and I.

 Here is our attempt at a family pic.

Lyla picked out my Mothers Day gift with just a little help from Eric.
 She loves giving presents.
{Yes, she is wearing a Senor Frogs t-shirt, tutu and fairy wings}

I bought this coffee cup a couple of months ago while we were in Disney. I love it. If you know me, you know I'm not a morning person. If you know "The Little Mermaid," you will totally love this cup.

Lyla and MomMom enjoying a beautiful Mothers Day.

This was another attempt at a group shot. Thank goodness the Rizzo clan was wearing sunglasses. They are a bunch of blinkers!

Dance class came to an end in May. Twinkle Toes had quite a few rehearsals though.

My dads Uncle (Bill) passed away in May.  He was very funny, had a strong faith, loved his family and served our country. He will be missed.

On Memorial day we thought about him and others who have served our country.
Our American Girl:

 We are painting Lylas room.

When I was pregnant, Eric and I didn't know if we were going to have a boy, or a girl. So we painted the room a light blue (which could work for either gender).  For those planning on having children, we highly recommend NOT finding out what you are going to have. Still one of the best decisions we have ever made together.

Anyway...after five years, we agreed to a pink room.

During a storm in March, part of  our fence blew down. Eric finally got around to putting it back up. He was really excited about using some power tool. I think I even heard him making a "'Tim the Tool Man Taylor," grunting sound. All I know is, it drilled holes in cement.
Boys will be boys.

Lady had a little precedure. There will not be any puppies in her future.

We spent a lovely day at Ladew. We really enjoyed the gardens and we plan on going back sometime soon.

We hope everyone had a wonderful May!