October 2013.

Day 31. Trick or Treat!

Day 30. Webers Farm Day.

Day 29. Lyla bought some new Legos with her Toys R Us gift card.

Day 28. Pretty girl.

Day 27. Crazy hair & faces while clothes shopping. 

Day 26. Happy Birthday Makenzie!

Day 25. Cutest Cheetah ever.

Day 24. Sneaking extra kisses.

Day 23. Lyla and Amelia snuggling. 

Day 22. This is seriously how I found Eric napping.
{Love you sweetie}

Day 21. Laundry, laundry and more laundry.

Day 20. Rainbow Sprinkles, of course.

Day 19. Halloween Parade!

Day 18. Picking Lyla up from a play date. 

Day 17. Nap time.

Day 16. My little helper.

Day 15. OMG! The American Girl Christmas Catalog has arrived!

Day 14. Bath time.

Day 13. I was lucky enough to experience the "Barbie Salon and Spa."

Day 12. Face mask time. We couldn't move our faces, for real.

Day 11. Fall Candle scents.

Day 10. Mmm, it's back to hot chocolate at Starbucks.

Day 9. Helping Sasha to celebrate her first Halloween!

Day 8. Hey 80's girls....remember the movie, Troop Beverly Hills?!!!
It came on t.v. so Lyla and I watched it together.

Day 7. Being silly.

Day 6. Lyla and Katie.

Day 5. Church clean up day. 
These girls worked hard.

Day 4. Lyla made us 'cakes'.
 She wrote the word FREE, because she made half of the batch 'gluten free.'
 Ironically, playdough has gluten in it!

Day 3. Balance.

 Day 2. Only Lyla would draw a 'down' power line.

Day 1. A day at the Zoo with the O'brien girls.

September 2013. 

Day 30. Fall flowers.

 Day 29. Happy half birthday Lyla Grace.

Day 28. Fishtail braid.

Day 27. Tattoos.

Day 26. Date night.

 Day 25. We saved 80 cents off a gallon-
thanks go our grocery points!

 Day 24. Breakfast.

Day 23. Drawing her Halloween costume. 

Day 22. Happy Birthday Aunt Jaselle!

Day 21. Bunko!

Day 20. Coupon clipping. 

Day 19. Sleeping Beauty. 

Day 18. Lyla and Layla.
Pretty little ballerinas. 

 Day 17. Rockin her new Toms.

Day 16. Ice cream man!

Day 15. Sunday School cupcakes.

Day 14. Lyla is asking Santa for some Lego Friends sets this year.

Day 13. Writing a letter to Aunt Dorothy. 

Day 12. Driving home from gymnastics 
(in the pouring down rain).

Day 11. Shopping with GiGi.
{Doris went to hang this sweater back up, and didn't realize
Lyla had climbed inside. We are all easily entertained!}

Day 10. My husband trying to be creative -
'A' for effort!

 Day 9. Shopping in Atlantic City, well, some of us!

Day 8. Delicious. 

Day 7. Painting nails.

Day 6. Snuggle time.

Day 5. This is slightly devastating to Eric.

Day 4. Swimming. 

Day 3. We had a visitor for our Science lesson today.

Day 2. Someone didn't want to leave
Mommoms beach house. 

Day 1. Thrashers French Fries on the Boardwalk.

August 2013. 

Day 31. At the beach house with Sammy.

Day 30. My computer gave me a heart attack.
For approximately 10 minutes, I lost ALL of my photos.

Day 29. Our tiny dancer has been missing her classes.
So, she dresses herself in leotards and tutus to dance around Target.

Day 28. Editing.

Day 27. Play date at Lucies house.

Day 26. Handstands.

 Day 25. This is how the princess eats her donuts.

Day 24. Rockin her new Under Armour shirt.

Day 23. Lylas first Oriole game!

Day 22. Go Ravens!

Day 21. Girlfriends!

 Day 20. Picking Lyla up from my moms.
She was still in her pj's at 12pm. Shocker.

Day 19. Home alone tonight. 
I enjoyed magazines and mascato.

Day 18. Caught her reading inside of her fort.

Day 17. Chicken Pad Thai. 

Day 16. Still working on our bedroom makeover.

Day 15. A little 'Summer school' outside.

Day 14. Gold medals for these gymnastic cuties!

Day 13. Taco Love.

Day 12. Last day of hip hop class.

 Day 11. Playing in the stream.

Day 10. Chocolate World, yum!!

Day 9. Hershey Park! 

Day 8. Ate dinner with the grandparents at

Day 7. I picked Ly up from my moms and caught her eating cookie dough under the table.

 Day 6. Tinker bell movie. I love how Lyla has to dress up to match
the movie/show she is watching.

Day 5. Face mask and movie night! 

{Day 5}

 Day 4. We had the pleasure of watching all three
 of the Deremiek children. 
Braydan, Brooklyn and Conor!

{Day 4}

Day 3. Dinner at Qudobas.

Day 2. Play-doh fun.

Day 1. Cinnamon buns for breakfast.

July 2013.

Day 31. Found an old love letter from Eric while I was 
cleaning in our bedroom today. Mr. Muscles has a sweet heart.

 Day 30. My favorite, Muddy Buddies.

Day 29. The new Vanilla Chex are pretty good.
 I like to eat them dry as opposed to adding milk. 

Day 28. Oh, how lucky we are to live so close to 31 different flavors.

Day 27. We are painting our bedroom, so this is where we have been sleeping the past week.

 Day 26. Helping Mommy paint.

Day 25. Lyla had her girlfriend Katie over today.

Day 26. Relaxing with Aunt DoeDoe on the pier.

Day 25. Lucie came over to play with Lyla today. 
They framed a picture from Dance Camp.

Day 24. Enjoying her greek yogurt.

Day 23. I heard her reading out load. 
She was making the characters in her story have silly voices.

** I have to retrieve some July photo's from my old phone**
I will add them as soon as I figure out how!

Day 9. Hello Beautiful.

Day 8. Lyla saw the top of an American Girl Doll popping out the mail box.
"Mom, that's my mail. I've got to see that!"

Day 7. Pancakes for breakfast. 
With that cute face, she can get Papa to say yes to just about anything!

Day 6. The whole family went out for a wonderful dinner tonight.
 It included great food, a beautiful atmosphere, live music and a fire pit for s'more making!

Day 5. A sunset walk on the beach with Daddy.

Day 4. Driving into Ocean City!!!
Happy Fourth of July!!

 Day3. Lyla signed up for the Summer Reading program at the Library.

Day 2. Tossing pennies into the fountain. Cheap entertainment!

Day 1. Helping Daddy 'fix.'

June 2013.

 Day 30. I love that she still looks like my little baby when she sleeps.

Day 29. Lyla likes to use our cell phones and send us pics. of herself. She loves getting a response. This was the pic. I sent to her (silly faces are the best, of course)!

Day 28. Yummo!

Day 27.  Our annual trip to the Carnival with GiGi and Great Pop!

Day 26. This girl loves her swim lessons.

Day 25. 
Ole, ole, Ole, ole,
Feelin HOT, HOT, HOT
So we go rum, bum, bum, bum!

Day 24. Bathtime.

Day 23. Eric and I were glued to the t.v. when Nik Wallenda 
walked across the Grand Cannon.

Day 22. Snappin' away!

Day 21. So excited to head to the beach with Papa and MomMom.

Day 20. Ice Cream Man!!

Day 19. Swimming with Ms. Jenn.

Day 18. Dance Camp 2013.

Day 17. Swim Lessons. She likes to go under when her teacher isn't looking.

Day 16. Happy Fathers Day!!

Day 15. Dinner taste so much better when Eric grills.

Day 14. Ly made some yogurt drops.

Day 13. Breakfast time!

Day 12. Love Lunch notes!

Day 11. The Voice.

Day 10. Disney Station on Pandora gets played often in our house.
 Photo taken by: Lyla Grace.

Day 9. Baltimore Hon Fest.

Day 8. Katies Princess Party.

Day 7. Starbucks and Story time at Barnes and Noble.

 Day 6. Our little, white, Gabby Douglas!

Day 5. Attracting Butterflies to our yard.

Day 4. Met up with Aunt Laura at the mall for some lunch.
Lyla suckered her into a cookie pop!

 Day 3. A letter came in the mail from Ballerina Twinkle.

Day 2. Recital Revival. You rocked it Lyla!

Day 1. Hello June!

May 2013.

Day 30. Dental Visit.

Day 29. Build A Bear Workshop.

Day 28. One of many dance rehearsals. While waiting for the ballerina, Eric and I found a new Mexican spot. Taco  Love. We will be back!

 Day 27. Went to see Epic. Very cool movie.
{I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would}

Day 26. Only I can screw up Betty Crocker's Boxed Brownies.

Day 25. Two great cookouts today, and a snuggle from her best bud.

Day 24. Visiting with Aunt Dorothy & her family.
Lyla loved playing with Brooke (my cousin Michaels daughter).

 Day 23. Yeah- I really need to get the windows fixed on my car. 
When it rains, I get a little wet. Lyla thinks it's hilarious. 

Day 22. Lyla has a lot of plants growing this Spring. 
She talks to them.

 Day 21. Making Ice cream sandwiches.
Graham crackers, ice cream, toppings and freeze!

Day 20. Getting warmed up for her studio rehearsal.

Day 19. Grey day outside. After church we got back into our 
pj's and took it easy. Great day for movies.

Day 18. Eric reviewing Electrical safety with Lyla.

Day 17. The Glatts invited us to the O's game. Great seats, great time!
The boys also met Ravens kicker, Justin Tucker.

Day 16. Strawberry Shortcake. 
If you were a kid in the 80's, you know how good the dolls smell!

Day 15. Costume night at dance.

 Day 14. A rainbow around the sun.

Day 13. My father-in-law has me hooked. Cafe Caramel K-cups, yum.

Day 12. Happy Mothers Day!

Day 11. Chic-fil-A for dinner!
(She requested this pic. with the cow)

Day 10. Spreading the word about Tropical Vows with their new fliers.

Day 9. After gymnastics we stopped by the car wash for a good vacuum.
I have the best helper.

Day 8. It's that time of the year again.

Day 7. Breakfast at Panara Bread, and enjoying her American Girl catalog.

Day 6. The quality of this pic. is terrible (I have been taking some of my "pics. of the day" on my phone- it's super old and has an awful camera.) Regardless- I LOVE this picture.

I love that Eric is surrounded by all things princess. I love that even though Lyla is dressed up as Tinkerbell, she still had to wear her ball cap to match her Daddy. I love that Eric teaches Lyla about the difference between wants and needs.  I love that he helped her to count her 'own' money for a special toy. He is one good Dad!

Day 5. Eric gave me a bouquet of Calla Lillys on our wedding day. 
I think they are so pretty. He picked some up this year for us to grow in the garden.

 Day 4. Sleeping with her new light up pillow tonight.

Day 3. We went to see Melissa & Seths new house today.

Day 2. This gymnast is always practicing her balance.

 Day 1. Looking good in her new leotard today!

April 2013.

Day 30. We had the pleasure of dining with our fish, Aunt Dorothy tonight.

Day 29. Happy Birthday Nellie!
{Lyla and Nellie have been friends since they were a couple months old!
They met in 2009 at Gymboree, and started dancing together when they were 18 months.}

Day 28. Walking around the Avenue.

 Day 27. Had dinner at The (new wm) Green Turtle!
Good food and great place to watch a game, t.v.'s everywhere.

Day 26. Sometimes ice cream just taste better straight from the container!

 25. Girly Girl night. 
Eric worked, so Lyla and I painted nails, braided our hair and watched t.v.

Day 24. Afternoon picnic.

Day 23. Ly did some math work today.
Not only did she understand her work- she asked to do MORE!
{For those of you who may be worried about me, helping her with math... 
Eric was checking her work!}

 Day 22. Snacking and watching Sophia the First.
Totally excited about a new episode coming soon.

Day 21. Went out to dinner. Lyla made a bracelet out of her dough ball!

Day 20. We went to the Amish Market this afternoon.
 Guess what we ate: Chocolate covered BACON!

Day 19. Eric was finishing up his fence project. 
He made sure to thank his assistant! 

 Day 18. Playing her new video game before bed.

Day 17. Bike riding. Falling. Getting back up. Trying again.
{Hence the helmet}

 Day 16. Date Night: 
Went to the movies to see 42, the story of Jackie Robinson.
Two thumbs up!!

 Day 15. Erics most recent project.

Day 14. Lunch at Five Guys.

Day 13. A morning walk by the stream.

Day 12. We played Barbies today.

Day 11. Rock painting.

Day 10. Planting seeds.

Day 9. Toms, we love you, but it's time for a new pair.
Lyla will however wear these until all the sparkles fall off, 
and there is no rubber on the soles!

Day 8. Grocery Shopping and sampling cheese.

Day 7. The Egg Hunt on Easter was canceled last Sunday.
So, today is was nice out and she got to enjoy another one!

Day 6. Check Engine light, yikes!
Taking pics. of the good and the bad.

Day 5. Riding her bike.

Day 4. Dirty Dancing. 

Day 3. In the shower with "Coral Sea Shell." 

Day 2. Afternoon nap.  

Day 1. Four year old "well visit." This pic. was taken prior to her shots!

March 2013. 

Day 31. Easter Sunday 2013.

Day 30. Party time! 

 Day 29. Happy 4th Birthday Lyla Grace!

Day 28. I told my mom her dog looked like a homeless "person."
I took this picture to prove it.

Day 27. Ms. Nicole, You are one COOL CHICK!

Day 26. Birthday Celebration at Red Robin.

Day 25. As in March 25th. Snow.

Day 24. Palm Sunday. 

Day23. Easter Egg Hunt. 

Day 22. Sophia the First,  Story time at the Disney Store.

 Day 21. Enjoying some Peeps!

Day 20. We have a chick that lays eggs.

Day 19. Putting on a puppet show at the Library.

Day 18. The end of Toy Story 3. Andy goes off to
college and leaves his toys behind. It breaks her heart.

Day 17. Checking out the NCL cruises!

Day 16. Happy Birthday Lindsay Ringgold.

 Day 15. Gold Medal.

Day 14. Lylas fish, Aunt Dorothy.
Yep, that's her name.

Day 13. Tap Class.

Day 12. Signs of Spring.

Day 11. An e-mail from my dad.
{I let him down last month when I told him 
Lyla stopped sitting in a high chair two years ago.}

Day 10. Pretty flowers.

Day 9. This was how I enjoyed the morning of my 31st Birthday...
I drank my favorite coffee,  ate a yummy gf almond horn while reading a magazine, cuddled up under the best blanket ever! Happy Birthday to me!

and Eric...
when I loaded my pics. on the computer, I noticed he had shot this one.
We had an awesome day!!!

Day 8. Every time I find her Barbies/Princess dolls, they are naked.
Always. Naked.

Day 7. We love when Eric comes home for lunch!

Day 6. Laying in bed, couldn't settle. Then- I realized it was because I had not snapped my 'pic. of the day!' Grabbed my camera and shot my kindle with only 21 mins. to spare.

 Day 5. Stopped by my moms and mentioned that I was going to make Turkey Chili and cornbread- then remembered that I didn't have cornmeal and asked her if she did. This is what she got out of cabinet... I think she may have purchased it in the late 80's/early 90's!
{In her defense, the Quaker Corn Meal from this century doesn't look much different}

Day 4. Lyla got a couple of smiles out of Sasha.

Day 3. Maria & Sasha.

Day 2. Bath time- 8pm sharp.

Day 1. Off to Atlanta. Listening to her ipod.

February 2013.

Day 28. (Bad pic.) regardless... I snapped a quick one during 
Story time in your Jammies at the Library.

Day 27. Dinner with Gretchen. A rare occasion.
So, we share a bottle of wine and chat for about 4 hours.
{Mostly about our girls!}

Day 26. The Doc is in and she'll fix you up. If you're a toy, then you're in luck.
We all love Doc McStuffins around here. I even catch Eric watching it sometimes.

Day 25. Plumbing problems. 

Day 24. Welcome Home Daddy!
Eric was on a "Boys Trip" this weekend- ya know, that kind that involves drinking, gambling, Hooters, and 5 guys sharing one room! He said a good time was had by all.

Day 23. This is my little Canon. It's broken. Someone dropped it. I've been leaving someone 
little notes/reminders to fix it. I wish someone would.

Day 22. She loves the 80's classic, Full House. She thinks Uncle Jessie is a cutie, D.J. is super cool, Joey cracks her up and she likes to pretend she is Michelle. She laughs at every corny joke. {Mom, I know this is making you cringe, at least it's not Saved By The Bell!}

Day 21. Our American Girls napping.
{Can you find McKenna?}

Day 20. Caught ya' sneaking chocolate morsels!

Day 19. Today, she was a Pop Star. 
She doesn't need me to be her make-up artist, she handles that herself.

Day 18. Lyla has been lovin' LaLaLoopsy lately!

Day 17. Went bowling today- lots of fun. 
I also have to show off Brooklyn, she just got her ears pierced, too cute!

Day 16. Even Super Hero's need hugs from their Daddy.

Day 15. Watching a Tinkerbell movie. If I marched through the
living room banging pots and pans, she would not have noticed.
Did not take her eyes off the screen.

Day 14. Happy Valentines Day!

Day 13. Heading to dance, with Bitty Baby.

Day 12. We dropped some Valentine goodies off to friends. 
We pretended to be Ruby and Love Bird from this book. It was fun!

Day 11. Best Valentine EVER. Not only does Justin sing ... words light up inside!!!
{Thanks Mason! xoxo}

Day 10. York Peppermint Patties right out of the fridge.
yummy, yummy, yummy, we've got love in our tummy!

Day 9. Braeden & Brooklyn with their God Parents!

Day 8. Another sick day. Diagnosed with Strep. 

Day 7. Not feeling so good.

Day 6. Back to Dance!

Day 5. Baltimore Ravens Parade- and what a parade it was!

Day 4. She wanted this ribbon/tulle tied around her ankles and wrists. 
This was her fashion statement for the day. She also slept in them, they "go with" P.J's too.

Day 3. Super Bowl Sunday. Go RAVENS!

 Day 2. Ravens donut for breakfast.

Day 1. Almost forgot to take my pic. this day...
snapped a goodnight kiss!

January 2013.

Day 1. Happy New Year!

Day 2. Hanging a new door in the kitchen.

Day 3. On the phone, for hours, with our new insurance company.

Day 4. Back to Gymnastics.

Day 5. Coloring in her room.

Day 6. Lyla did my makeup and hair.

Day 7.  A day with the Hematologist.

Day 8. Reading before bed.

Day 9. Taco night.

Day 10. Making cookies and licking the bowl. Yum.

Day 11. In the car with my little gymnast.

Day 12. Eric snapped this one with his phone. Ravens Playoff win.

Day 13. Eating cupcakes after Church.

Day 14. Daddy got his girl some new shoes.

Day 15. Focused on her school work at the library.

Day 16. Good morning Beautiful!

Day 17. Getting the SuperBowl Pool ready.

Day 18. Drinking our Baltimore Ravens Smoothie.

Day 19. Breakfast time.

Day 20.  Ravens vs. New England. Hello Superbowl!

Day 21. School work.

Day 22. Mommy had sushi with Laura and Rachel.

Day 23. Daddy's lunch message: 
Out of all the fish in the sea, I'm so glad I caught you! Enjoy your tuna.

 Day 24. Excited to see some snow.

Day 25. Again, looking out at the snow. 
Wishing there was enough to go sledding.

 Day 26. Working on her Valentines.

 Day 27. Rollerskating.

Day 28. Play date with her girlfriends.

Day 29. Reading about J.B at Barnes and Noble.

 Day 30. ABC Mouse.com

Day 31. Sliding with Pop at Bounce and Play!